Where were you born?

I was born in a complex yet magical city, Caracas, Venezuela.

Do you sell your original works or print outs?

In the online section of my website you may find some of my works, original works, notebooks and books. In Caracas, you can buy my works at the Abson C.A. store, Centro de Arte Los Galpones.

Do you accept commissions?

In the case of illustrations, I usually engage in projects that are interesting to me. Independent authors, publishing houses and companies generally get in touch with me by email. With the manuscript and a brief description of the project, I may assess the feasibility and conditions of the job. Every project is different. In the case of my works, I also take orders in which I may embark in the creation process with freedom.

Do you visit schools and give lectures?

I do, if time would allow it. I also conduct itinerant workshops. At the WORKSHOPS section of my webpage, you may find information on this regard. I really enjoy getting in touch with people and my students, because all of them keep me in shape and updated. The interacting experience is very productive to me, not only because I like teaching but also the input I receive from them.

Do you authorize the reproduction of your images?

I think that the reproduction of images or excerpts of my works are allowed, provided that, it would be with educational, academic, communicative, informative or critic purposes, not commercial or profit-seeking. It is important to request permission or provide notification when using the images, not only for those related to my work but for any artist in general. It should always be mentioned the original author of the work. Regarding the alteration or adaptation of images, it is important to me preserving the original spirit of the work and not using it with neither obscene nor political purposes.

Now, if you want to purchase the copyright of any of my works, you may send your request throughout the CONTACT section or send an email to the publishing houses, companies or authors that hold the ownership of those rights.

Do you have presence in social media?

Most definitively, I like social media. I strive to have my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts up to date. I manage my own social media, eventually, it might take me some time to answer your messages and comments. If you are urged to have your message replied, it is a better idea to reach me throughout the CONTACT section.

How did you become an artist?

I spent my entire childhood drawing, painting or modelling clay dolls. The truth is that I have always been interested in art and drawing. My whole family, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, as well as my teachers, motivated me to follow that path. My birthday and Christmas presents were always related to art or animals. I discovered my passion for art when realizing that I liked to create. And I confirmed so because I could spend hours doing it. Seeing, creating and making.

At that time, I did not know that I could make a living out of art, for that reason my teachers insisted in having me pursue a solid academic formation. Therefore, I studied Arts in the Universidad Central de Venezuela (Central University of Venezuela). I also studied and obtained academic formation in design schools such as the “Escuela de Historieta López y Allaco” (School of Comic Strip López y Allaco) where I pursued studies in a profession that fascinated me. Because of that, I am capable to illustrating, painting, drawing, designing, teaching and working in different areas and disciplines of the vast universe of arts. Hence, I could do “something”, and from that “something”, I can make a living.

What are the techniques you use in your illustrations?

At  this  time,  I  like  using  mixed  techniques.  I  feel  comfortable with  both  traditional  and  digital techniques,  and  I  am  looking  forward  to  have  those  two  worlds  to  merge  into  one.    Within traditional techniques, I use acrylics, oil painting and oil painting with pastel. I work on MDF or canvas  and  I  create  textures  out  of  paper  and  white  glue.  Within  digital  techniques,  I  use backgrounds and textures that I digitalized myself, and I work with the Adobe Suite and a tablet branded Wacom.

What are you trying to express with your art?

I am looking forward to inspire people with my work. I like thinking of my works as a window to a fantastic world, which invites you to travel, to get lost and find yourself again. A world where everyday  life  may  become  wonderful,  where  you  feel  free  to  experimenting,  dreaming  and being  different.  I  would  like  people,  when  looking  at  my  work,  to  be  able  to  fly,  or  transport themselves to that moment when they were children and could play with plenitude. Playfulness is key in my work. It is interesting to me that precise moment when the game comes to life and dreams and reality lie in the same universe.

What “Artistas En Conjunto” (Artists altogether) is about?

“Artistas En Conjunto” is a community of artists that share projects in common such as organizing exhibitions, events, workshops, etc. A project made by artists to artists. We started it in 2008 with Cristina Nuñez and me. We staged collective and individual exhibitions, later, we continue growing along with other friends, such as Zulay Mendoza, Antonio Villarroel, Robert Cárdenas and Clara Balleza, the purpose remained the same: collaborating, creating and staging exhibitions. In 2010, we incorporated and legally formalized the foundation as a nonprofit organization, being our headquarters “El Taller de Zulay” (Zulay’s workshop). This enabled us to grow even more. There exists a wide variety of people within the collective and we do not have an exact record of the number of members. Since year 2008, the group has completed and organized around 40 exhibitions, with the participation of 30 regular artists. We have a blog named www.en-conjunto.blogspot.com and a Facebook account named “El Taller de Zulay. Artistas En Conjunto”. In those accounts, you may be able to watch our achievements to the date.

Do you any advice for future artists?

Do not stop playing and studying. I think that education is very important. The only way to have freedom to create is by means of studying. I consider that you should study a bit of everything, being  interdisciplinary  and  self-taught  as  well.  Understanding  that  our  teachers  are  giving  you the tools and guidelines so that you acquire the  capability of  learning and getting educated by yourself.  You  cannot  stand  still  waiting  for  knowledge  to  simply  fall  from  the  sky.  You  should look  for  it,  become  and  explorer,  finding  and  studying  with  dedication  “everything  that  catches your attention”. This one last phrase is very important, everything that catches your attention is “that  thing”  you  only  know  that  you  like  it.  You  should  identify  your  preferences,  your interests  and  those  things  that  get  you  connected,  motivated; because,  if  you  do  not  feel  it  in your heart and mind it would be worthless. It would be an empty work, perhaps well done, but it will not transmit anything. Each one of us is different and unique, if you want to have style in your art, you must look inside of you. A good way to try it out is by playing. Play with your trace, with  your  drawings,  with  your  materials.  Feel  free  of  playing,  experimenting,  questioning  and creating.