Exhibition Project

My last project named ¡HASTA MAÑANA!; it is an exhibition constituted by paintings, illustrations, sculptures and practical workshops which use as main theme a character I have been developing throughout the last seven years named Canito.

Canito is a white wolf of big size that lives together with two children, Gabriel and Daniela. He believes everything is possible and that each day is an opportunity to try and discover new things, thence the name of the exhibition ¡HASTA MAÑANA! as a premise that tomorrow we will meet again to live new adventures. His great imagination makes the world a “wonderful” place.

Before I continue, I would like to introduce myself; my name is Vanessa Balleza, illustrator, artist and educator, professions that I have been exercising simultaneously for over 12 years. My work has as main theme the story, illustration of stories and image narrative. To me, illustrations are windows to worlds and stories where the viewer can travel and loose or rediscover him/herself. I search for images that speak for themselves, I try to generate an environment of expectation in the scenes and I like to express myself in different formats and techniques.

My goal is to offer a diverse and inspiring exhibition that motivates people to dream; to fill them with curiosity and teach them the road of exploration where being and seeing in a different and creative way is something amusing and positive. Canito and his adventures are a creative and magical vision of the real everyday life.

Some important elements in the frame of the exhibition are the workshops, talks and guided visits for children, young people and adults. These activities are the key to generate dynamism in the project. Workshops and talks can cover different subjects and activities such as: The art and the game, the illustrated book and drawing among others.


  • Abson CA. Centro de Arte Los Galpones. Caracas. Venezuela. 2015
  • Library Los Palos Grandes. Espacio Alvaro Sotillo. Caracas. Venezuela. 2017