Dycvensa Citizen Award 2010


Oil on canvas.

Ciudadano Dycvensa (Dycvensa Citizen)

2004 Dycvensa Citizen Award.

Dycvensa’s Visual Arts Salon.


The construction company Dycvensa have been participating in the construction of works for thirty years with the purpose to enhancing Venezuela. Every year this company, through its Social Responsibility Program carries out the Dycvensa Visual Arts Salon “City, Space, and Time” for over 11 years continuously, which has made it one of the most recognized art salons in Caracas. More than 100 artworks participate in each release, and less than 20 are selected. The artworks of this salon have been exposed in the Centro de Estudios Latinomaericanos Romulo Gallegos (Latin American Study Center Romulo Gallegos) (Celarg for its initials in Spanish), and have been appreciated by more than five thousand people.

In years 2010 and 2004, Vanessa Balleza participated and won the Dycvenza Citizen Award granted by the audience.