Traveling Exhibition

“The idea of the exhibition is bringing a message about learning how to wait. Everyone refers to sloths as slow animals, even call them “lazy”, when in fact they get to manage their own time, therefore, why getting in a hurry and consume it all? They use time in a different way to other animals, and that is our message, learning how to wait”, commented the artist Vanessa Balleza.

The creative process initiated when artist Jousette Rivodó depicted in lines the story between Lucy (a firefly) and Perozo (a sloth), two friends that share dreams and games every afternoon in the Yagrumo tree (Cecropia peltata), located in a South American tropical forest.

Inspired in this narrative, Balleza started to trace the faces of these two animals in the situations put forward by the story.

“I drew the sketches of the book in accordance with the piece’s format. That way, the audience will grasp pieces in paper, oil paint, pencil and charcoal”.

In the exhibition, the artists also bet to motivate reading, since the very exhibition hall will have a small area decorated with an enormous doll with the body of Perozo, a screen projecting a digital book and dozens of animated books to read with no time limits over a comfortable rug.

Although the tale looks like that it was intended for children, its message is a poem dedicated to the waiting, that can be enjoyed by children and grownups too”, highlights Balleza.

Some of the images to be watched will be the afternoons of playing cards between Lucy and Perozo, the manifestations of love between these two animals and the interpretations of desperation and calmness between them.

Mi Amigo Perozo will premiere this Thursday and will continue until the end of the month in the Vitrina (exhibition hall), from Monday to Friday, 9 to 11 am and 1 to 4 pm.


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Traveling Exhibition. Picture book.

Mi amigo Perozo. Vanessa Balleza y Joussette Rivodo.

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