Curiosity and creation.

Regular workshops provide a space opened to stimulate creativity, to learn and enjoy the practical and theoretical aspects of art.  My goal is to get my students inspired and motivated, arising their curiosity by showing them that the path to exploration, which is part of the creation process, is being and seeing with a different perspective, that is something quite amusing and positive. All these aspects are blended with hands on work during the classes about the fundamentals of drawing, illustration, as well as graphics sequence, that is essential to illustrate stories and tales for children. Diverse aspects related to visual arts are discussed in a group dynamic approach while maintaining the focus in the individual development of each student.

Dibujando ando(I am drawing)

Itinerant workshops are opened to public and have no age limit.  Themes are varied and exercises are aimed to arising interest in graphic arts and illustration. These workshops may result in a very exciting experience since they are not necessarily tied to locations traditionally intended for art activities. Our premise: art enriches our mind and it is a vehicle to improve our health, stimulate our imagination and creativity, which are elements that collaborate for the full development of our life and work.

Art Class

DORAL FL 33178

“Dibujando ando” workshops are held on Thursday afternoons and Saturdays mornings at 10630 NW 88th ST Doral Florida 33178. For more information, you may reach us throughout the CONTACT section or may give us a call at +1 786.865.93.25

Art Class


“Dibujando ando” workshops are held on Wednesday all day at Kalos Music and Art School 20634 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180.  For more information, you may reach us throughout or Phone: (305) 933-4777 (305) 469-7194

Art Class


Drawing and illustration workshops are taking place in her studio at Urb. Santa Cecilia de Los Dos Caminos, Caracas, on Saturday mornings. For more information, you may reach us throughout the CONTACT section or may give us a call at +0058 4143289448

Drawing Class Live Model

DORAL FL 33178

Learn how to draw the human form. This class will have a live model. Each session will focus on a foundation of drawing and encourage you to find your own style. We will work freestyle drawing and classic drawing with scale and proportion, movement, and basics of drawing such as line and shading techniques. Supplies included in the class fee. For more information, you may reach us throughout the CONTACT section or may give us a call at +1 786.865.93.25

Creative workshops


Teaching as vocation

For the last 17 years, I found myself immersed in the world of education, and it has been a way of living rather than a labor. I am focusing all my experience in improving and developing new ways to approach art and creativity. In this way, we have independently prepared workshops with the support of institutions such as the “Escuela de Historieta López y Allaco” (School of Comic Strip López y Allaco), Universidad Central de Venezuela University, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Contemporary Art Museum), “Gabinete de Dibujo y de Estampa” (Cabinet of Drawing and Printing), “El Taller de Zulay” (Zulay’s Workshop) and “Artistas En Conjunto” (Artists Altogether). Possibilities are endless.


Personalized education

Every student’s learning time is respected, as well as his/her interests. A favorable space is generated for free and independent development, leaving aside evaluations and standardized activities. Each student sets the pace of his/her course, and group works are developed with emphasis in cooperation and specific projects.


Theory and practice belong together

Theoretical classes are dynamic discussions where reflection and analysis play an important role. We are sure that theory and practice complement each other. We also strive to address different current issues with the purpose of getting students motivated to embrace their own research and knowing all about the subject they deem interesting.

Inspiración Tullet

The outcome is amazing.

Art, in my point of view, is the path to understand and transform the world. If every person thought as artists, we would find solutions to many of our problems. That is reason why my goal is enabling every of my students to express themselves in a language of their own, and then achieving great things as a group. We teach that art is creativity, developing ideas, curiosity, asking yourself questions, playing.